Feasibility Studies

Now Accepting Applications for Spring 2022

Determining Business Feasibility

Do you have a business idea you want to explore? Our feasibility study pairs entrepreneurs with students in Missouri State's Entrepreneurship program. The students explore all aspects of your idea to help reduce the uncertainty of starting a business. At the end of the semester you'll receive a full feasibility report, detailing everything from industry trends to sales projections.

Feasibility Analysis

Your detailed business feasibility analysis will include:

  • Industry Trends & Benchmarks
  • Business Concept Evaluation
  • Target Market & Demographic Analysis
  • Evaluation of Competition & Their Competitive Advantage
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Pricing & Promotional Strategies
  • Location & Building Layout Review
  • Labor & Equipment Needs
  • Operating Hours & Procedures
  • Estimate Startup Costs
  • Sales Projections & Proforma Statements
  • Break-Even Analysis
  • Business Viability
  • Alternative Strategies

Business Feasibility Report Cost: $299

Selected participants must have the availability to meet and communicate with student groups approximately 2-3 times during the semester. Participants must also have at least one meeting with a Missouri SBDC consultant.

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